Become an Efficient Academic Writer with AI Apps: PowerPoint Slides


More than 3,700 academics including those at Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, and Yale are using this tutorial. This tutorial contains 14 modules (250 slides) and covers the following topics:

  1. How to develop the right mindset for using AI apps for academic work

  2. How to use AI-powered search engines

  3. How to use Research Rabbit for literature review

  4. How to integrate Inciteful with Zotero for literature review

  5. How to stay up to date with R Discovery

  6. How to read research papers with Scholarcy

  7. How to read research papers with SciSpace

  8. How to take notes with Lateral

  9. How to use ChatGPT and AudioPen to write zero drafts

  10. How to use Jenni to write your first drafts

  11. How to edit with PaperPal

  12. How to use Smart Citations with Scite

  13. How to use ChatGPT prompts for academic writing and reading

  14. How to get started on Zotero

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